The Clarity Room


Human Design Readings:
“All of us have a unique GENIUS that resides within our Soul”
Human Design is a graceful combination of:
Astrology, Chakra, I-ching, Quantum Mechanics, and Kabbalah

It will give you insights on energy flow, purpose, gifts, blocks, digestion, intuitive abilities and so much more! These 60-75 minute sessions, which are audio recorded, give you permission to show up in the world in ways that delight your soul! These sessions are done on zoom.

We all are walking around with this amazing beacon of light. When that beacon it’s acknowledged, developed, and embraced your unique wisdom can be lived out with so much joy, success, and confidence to know how to sail through the bumps of life.

Support Sessions:
All of us have challenges and times in life that we just are not sure where to go, what to do or what our next step should be.

Emotional reactions are based off of belief systems. When a challenging belief pops up, we can experience moments of uncertainty, which leads to not knowing what to do or what our next step should be. Support Sessions are designed specifically for you to learn to consciously hear your own inner dialogue, create new intuitive gateways and re-create a new positive voice. Sometimes we need to work or way through past memories, roadblocks or self-doubt. When we have new tools to assist us in our inner dialogue, the decisions we make in life will begin to change too. Helping you to move forward in the direction that is desired but feels more in alignment with your life purpose

Sherpa Financial


Liz Herman, IAR, ABFP, is specializes in helping women who are making important financial decisions on their own feel empowered and educated in creating their own financial security. Liz is a fiduciary and assists her clients through fee-only financial planning and wealth management with a tax-efficient focus.

Complete Wellness Quakertown, LLC


Complete Wellness Quakertown, LLC is committed to offering a variety of wellness services and classes by skilled professionals to help you Feel and Function Better. Our intention is to inspire you to prioritize your well-being so you can fully appreciate all life has to offer. Services : Massage, Reflexology, Energy Medicine, Reiki, HaloTherapy (Salt Room), Infrared Therapy (BioMat), Holistic Nurse … Read More

Pompa Financial Services


Are you confident that you have made the right choices when it comes to your finances? Can you afford to have the wrong information? Our mission is to come along side you, your family or your business to guide you on your financial journey. As we work together, we can avoid those wrong turns and follow a strategic path to … Read More

Hilltown Insurance Group, LLC


Independent Insurance Agency for all of your personal lines insurance needs. Home/Auto/Motorcycle/Boat/RV, etc Individual Health Insurance Medicare